CHELSEA VENZ HANDMADE WATERCOLOUR Hinterland Shimmery Watercolour Set


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Chelsea Venz Handmade Watercolour

Artisanal Watercolour Sets hand crafted by Chelsea Venz using a simple and effective binder recipe along with the traditional hand mulling Watercolour Paint Making method. The Handmade Watercolour Sets are built up with multiple unique ‘Artist Quality’ Watercolour Paints with the travelling and organised artists in mind.

These colours are made from incredible mixes of metallic, chrome and colour shifting flake powders

The Hinterland Shimmery Watercolour Set of 6 Half Pans

2.5ml of Metallic Watercolor Paint in each half pan

Tin Included


• Wildflower

• Sunlight

• Clear Skies

• Grass

• Rolling Hills

• Pastures

These colours are super pigmented and creamy!

Drop clean water into your pans and let soak for 2 minutes to help your paints activate properly and become creamy before use.

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 1.5 cm